Smokin' Aces, 2007

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Smokin' Aces Joe Carnahan
Carnahan is Smokin'

Joe Carnahan returns to the director's chair for the first time since Narc to direct his own screenplay, Smokin' Aces, for Universal Pictures. Andy Garcia will star alongside Ryan Reynolds, Jeremy Piven, Alicia Keyes and Ben Affleck. The action comedy has an illusionist snitching on the mob, then chased by hitmen. Garcia will play an FBI director who is trying to keep the entertainer on hand long enough that he can testify.

Reynolds would play an FBI agent who is supervising a manhunt for a stand-up comedian (Piven) who has made the decision to rat on the mob. He's supposed to be going into the protective custody, but goes off for a final binge at the casinos in South LakeTahoe. In the process, a bunch of assassins begin to seek him out.



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