Driving Directions from Sacramento Airport to Placerville
FROM: Sacramento International Airport SMF
Sacramento, CA
TO: Placerville, CA
Total Distance: 55.56 miles Total Estimated Time:
1 hour, 1 minute
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1:  Start out going North on AIRPORT BLVD by turning left. 0.25 miles
2:  Turn RIGHT onto EARHART DR. 0.38 miles
3:  Stay straight to go onto AIRPORT EXIT. 0.15 miles
4:  Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto AIRPORT EXIT. 0.31 miles
5:  Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto AIRPORT BLVD. 0.83 miles
6:  Take the I-5 S ramp towards SACRAMENTO/YUBA CITY. 0.22 miles
7:  Merge onto I-5 S. 9.50 miles
8:  Take the exit. 1.08 miles
9:  Merge onto CAPITAL CITY FRWY. 1.39 miles
10:  Stay straight to go onto US-50 E toward Placerville/So. Lake Tahoe. 41.44 miles

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