Out of the WoodsOUT OF THE WOODS, 2005

Two generations of men—family in blood, strangers by nature, and worlds apart—come together for an inspiring lesson in life…

Matt Fleming (Jason London, Jason and the Argonauts) can’t get it together. His career as a hotshot L.A. lawyer isn’t so hot, his financial affairs are a mess, and his frustrating relationship with his girlfriend Linda (Meredith Salenger, Lake Placid) is weighed down by guilt over his reluctance to commit—especially in light of their best friends Charles (Sean Squire, Little John) and Vicki’s (Sandra Prosper, Charmed) happy engagement. Matt isn’t exactly the kind of guy one goes to for help, but he’s his mother’s only hope. She worries that her father Jack (Emmy and Golden Globe winner Ed Asner, The Mary Tyler Moore Show), a hermit in the backwoods town of Acquisition, needs assistance. Agreeing to check up on the old man, Matt heads upstate for what proves to be an eye-opening trip.

With no electricity, gas, or phone, Grandpa is nothing if not eccentric. He picks wild berries for breakfast, favors nude communing with nature, and spends his last few spiritual evenings on earth by firelight in a homemade tepee. He couldn’t be more at peace with himself. For a material guy like Matt, this bare-bones existence is hard to fathom. Then he meets Gwen (Missie Crider, Mulholland Drive), a single mother who delivers Grandpa’s groceries. She, too, enjoys rural peace, appreciates the elderly man’s simplicity, and exposes Matt to the pleasures of a less complicated life—until his complications follow him to town. When Linda, Charles, and Vicki arrive unannounced, Matt is faced with a decision that will change his life and the lives of all those he has touched.

Warm, funny, and unpredictable, Out of the Woods is a film that will reach anyone who has ever wondered what it’s like to finally be yourself.

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