The film industry is a major generator of jobs and revenue and it is important to understand how this industry - and especially location filming - affects your community.

Where does this money go? This is an industry of small businesses, not just large studios.

Each location shoot means jobs for camera operators, sound and lighting technicians, electricians, caterers, plumbers, carpenters, animal trainers, truck drivers, makeup artists, graphic artists, photographers, hairdressers, set designers, and production assistants.

These location dollars are spent on hardware, props, film, photo developing, plants, paint, lumber, cleaners, furniture, portable toilets, generators, clothing, entertainment, food and gasoline.

As you can see, location filming means jobs and revenues, not just within the film industry, but also in a wide variety of other businesses. Location filming has a widespread economic impact that benefits your neighbors, customers, clients, patients and friends.

Thank you for cooperating with location filming in El Dorado County!

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